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Book Review: The Reluctant Heiress

Hello, everyone! I hope you’re all enjoying the fine spring weather. I’m on Spring Break now, so I checked out about ten books from the library and have been devouring them. Today’s review covers Eva Ibbotson’s The Reluctant Heiress. I went through an Ibbotson phase years ago and read all of her children’s books, but I completely missed her Young Adult reads. The Reluctant Heiress is rich with Ibbotson’s elaborate prose, but suffers from an enormous dose of that horrid 4 letter word called “love.” Why does it have to ruin every YA book? I promise I am not a bitter spinster, I’m just sick of plot being swept away in the face of heart-stopping, coup de foudre love. As a romantic novel, The Reluctant Heiress is enjoyable, but as just a novel, it lacks the same magic as Ibbotson’s other works.

And of course it has the girliest cover of all time

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Suspend Your Disbelief #5: Vampire Academy

Hello, everyone! Have you ever started watching a movie and had to pause for a few moments and really wonder “how did I get here?” That’s how I felt watching the spectacularly ridiculous Vampire Academy, a movie made for  fourteen year olds that is too sarcastic, too racy, and too complicated for any fourteen year old to want to watch it.  I arrived at Vampire Academy by the way of the 2013 remake of Evil Dead. It was midnight, I was tired, and Evil Dead was making me queasy. Thus, I decided to watch Vampire Academy and spent the next 104 minutes in various states of disbelief and annoyance. The main question that kept popping through my head: “How did this get made?”


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Nerve Serves As A Dream And A Warning For 2016

Hello, everyone! I watched Nerve yesterday and all my expectations were positively surpassed. A teenage movie that is witty, pretty, realistic, techy, and full of social commentary is like a hidden gem these days. Nerve is a movie that simultaneously defines a generation while also warning that generation to abandon its destructive tendencies.


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Angsty Shakespeare: Hamlet the YA Novel

Hello, all! When you think about the many works of Shakespeare, they can seem inaccessible. Spark Notes has an entire category called No Fear Shakespeare, which aims to curb students’ fear of words like “thy” and “bulwark” by translating them into modern English. Still, many students consider Shakespeare’s works to be boring, dry, and incomprehensible. Hamlet, Shakespeare’s longest work, is known as one of the worst. But for all of its lofty language, Hamlet is basically an unintentionally hilarious YA Fic novel. Yeah, it’s a classic, but damn, there’s a lot of angst.


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Suspend Your Disbelief #1: Unwind by Neal Shusterman

My school’s summer reading is chosen by the students, which means that I’m inevitably forced to read dystopian YA fiction, instead of, I don’t know, quality writing. Two years ago, the populace decided on Divergent, which I abandoned in favor of the Wikipedia article and Shailene Woodley, and last year we were supposed to read Between Shades Of Gray, which didn’t seem too bad, but I’d rather spend my valuable reading time on books of my own choosing. This summer’s read is Unwind, a (you guessed it) dystopian YA novel by Neal Shusterman. Prepare to be barraged with confusion… Continue reading Suspend Your Disbelief #1: Unwind by Neal Shusterman