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Wonder Woman Is The Hero We Need And The One We Deserve

Hello, everyone! In light of the mockery resulting from the leaked Joss Whedon Wonder Woman script, I thought I would focus on the reasons why Patty Jenkins’ Wonder Woman works as a showcase of  empowered female independence, instead of all the reasons that Whedon’s does not. Let me preface this post by saying that I’ve seen Wonder Woman twice, once to watch it without criticism, and the second time to watch it objectively. And while I agree that the film has a few flaws, I’m hard pressed to call it anything less than a fantastic movie. It’s beautifully, energetically shot, the characterization is compelling, the relationships are realistic and engaging, and the aesthetic details from the set design to the costumes to the hairstyling are a feast for the eyes. These elements, however, are only part of what makes Wonder Woman worth the watch. What separates this film from the rest of the billion dollar superhero movies is that, for perhaps the first time, Wonder Woman portrays a woman as she might see herself. That’s a perspective that’s not only rare to see in superhero movies, but in any Hollywood film.


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Terrible Trailers #2: The Case of Serious Superhero Syndrome

The upcoming film season is a promising one for superhero movies, especially for DC Comics, which usually plays eager second fiddle to that soul sucking movie machine we call Marvel. Harsh, I know, but “soul sucking movie machine” is the nicest way I can describe Marvel at the moment. My not-so-subtle disgust aside, DC has been earning lots of buzz lately for its Batman v. Superman and Suicide Squad films, both which could hold the elusive key to elevate DC from second-rate superhero status. Continue reading Terrible Trailers #2: The Case of Serious Superhero Syndrome