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Movies and Mismatched Music

Hello, everyone! Music plays an instrumental (yes I’m that cheesy) role in helping emphasize a movie’s core emotions. Who can forget the tense fear exemplified by John William’s Jaws  theme, or the tender nostalgia evoked by Howard Shore’s “The Shire” and its variations? These pieces are so effective that even a few notes can transport us back to that movie; what we thought, how we felt, and how we remember it. But of course, for every film with a beautifully matched soundtrack, there is a film with an awkwardly mismatched one. Let’s listen to a few, shall we?

My ears say this
But my eyes say this

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Moaaarrr Movie Soundtracks!

Hello, all! I hope you all had a wonderful holiday and watched a ton of movies and television (just like me). I thought that’d I do another post on my favorite original movie soundtracks because why not spread the joy of music? Here’s my favorite original soundtrack list, part 2. Enjoy!


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Best Original Movie Soundtracks (In My Biased Opinion)

Hello, all! This post brought to you by the squirrel on Donald Trump’s head.  This is the first post so far in my Music category, so of course I’ll start off with a list of my favorite genre of music: movie soundtracks. And no, Hans Zimmer is not my favorite composer. I’m sorry to have already disappointed you. I’m also going to leave out legendary composers like John Williams because although I appreciate the majesty  of his movie scores, I’d rather write about some more modern composers. Your musical journey begins in 3…2…1… Continue reading Best Original Movie Soundtracks (In My Biased Opinion)