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Revolutionary Road Review


Hello, everyone! For my 100th blog post, I’m reviewing Revolutionary Road, a phenomenal book and a keystone in the suburban disillusionment genre, which includes icons like American Beauty and Mad Men. Chances are, if you’ve viewed either of these works, the fundamental themes and character beats in Richard Yate’s Revolutionary Road won’t be, well, revolutionary, but their timeliness and sincerity is what makes the novel a must-read. Looking back on the Fifties from our lofty pedestals, it’s clear to see the stifling role that traditional society played in the lives of young Americans, but writing this novel in the wave of traditionalism, Yates’ novel was an urgent voice against the dangers of complacency.


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Movies and Mismatched Music

Hello, everyone! Music plays an instrumental (yes I’m that cheesy) role in helping emphasize a movie’s core emotions. Who can forget the tense fear exemplified by John William’s Jaws  theme, or the tender nostalgia evoked by Howard Shore’s “The Shire” and its variations? These pieces are so effective that even a few notes can transport us back to that movie; what we thought, how we felt, and how we remember it. But of course, for every film with a beautifully matched soundtrack, there is a film with an awkwardly mismatched one. Let’s listen to a few, shall we?

My ears say this
But my eyes say this

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