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Colossal Is Weird, But Worth The Watch

Hello, everyone! Sorry for the extra long gap between posts. I hate to leave you hanging with a strange ode/critique to Taylor Swift. After writing that article I listened to Swift’s entire discography. Whether you find that to be sweet or alarming is really up to your opinion on the singer, but I gotta say, she  makes sad bus rides go a lot faster.  On a completely unrelated topic, tonight I watched Colossal for the last screening of my film analysis class. It’s such a bizarre, unique film that I’m not sure whether it deserves praise or ridicule. Perhaps that’s why it succeeds. It doesn’t play it safe or even try to be normal. Colossal wears its heart on its sleeve, with endearing and annoying results. In a marketplace filled with lukewarm comedies and robotic  blockbusters, Colossal is more than sincere enough to make up for its flaws.


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The First Half of Stranger Things Is Fun and Familiar

Hello, everyone! After watching the first four episodes of Netflix’s new series Stranger Things, I’m going to split my review into two parts, one for each half of the season. That way I can tell you what I think about the season without having to write 8 reviews. The first half of the season has left me intrigued and excited to watch more. Most importantly, it reminded me that old-school horror synth tracks are the best. The opening theme is my jam.

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