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The Trespasser Book Review

Hello, everyone! I want to start by apologizing for the massive screw up with gifs on my blog over the past 2 weeks. I didn’t realize that if I deleted gifs from my media library, they would also be deleted from the posts. That seems like something that shouldn’t need to happen, but anyway, PSA: do not delete images from your media library! Don’t do it! It took me five hours to fix everything. Again, I repeat, don’t do it! This has been a PSA.


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Watership Down Is The Rabbit’s Odyssey

Hello, everyone! I decided to do a review on Watership Down, a wonderful book with a very misleading title. See, when I first heard of the book, I heard the “ship” and the “down” parts and assumed it was a book about naval warfare. Imagine my surprise when I learned it was about rabbits. As it happens, I’d take a book about rabbits over a book about naval warfare any day. Something about those endless maritime battles put me to sleep.

Vicious, vicious rabbits

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Book Review: The Glass Castle by Jeannette Walls

Hello, everyone! I thought that I would do something serious for once and post a book review without being sassy. Alas, it was an in-school assignment, so I had no choice. But salt aside, I loved The Glass Castle. Maybe even more than Hamlet.  JK I love you Shakespeare.


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