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Book Review: The Reluctant Heiress

Hello, everyone! I hope you’re all enjoying the fine spring weather. I’m on Spring Break now, so I checked out about ten books from the library and have been devouring them. Today’s review covers Eva Ibbotson’s The Reluctant Heiress. I went through an Ibbotson phase years ago and read all of her children’s books, but I completely missed her Young Adult reads. The Reluctant Heiress is rich with Ibbotson’s elaborate prose, but suffers from an enormous dose of that horrid 4 letter word called “love.” Why does it have to ruin every YA book? I promise I am not a bitter spinster, I’m just sick of plot being swept away in the face of heart-stopping, coup de foudre love. As a romantic novel, The Reluctant Heiress is enjoyable, but as just a novel, it lacks the same magic as Ibbotson’s other works.

And of course it has the girliest cover of all time

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Goodnight Mommy: The Twistiest Plot Twist

Hello, all! I’ve been so wrapped up in Christmas that I barely had time to watch more than four movies! I saw Star Wars: The Force Awakens yesterday and while I thought it was really awesome, I don’t feel that I have the proper authority to write a post about the film. So instead, I’ll write about what I do know, and that is horror movies! I do apologize, this blog has really turned into something of a horror fest. But anyways, one of the other four movies I watched on Christmas was Goodnight Mommy and boy, was that something. Here’s the trailer, if you’re unacquainted:

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