Don’t be a Manipulative Author!

Greetings! This post brought to you by the word “ibidem”. Just kidding. Stop trying so hard, No one cares.

Today I want to discuss a very important subject: manipulative writing. Literature is a vehicle that allows readers to explore other worlds and acts almost as an independent universe. In this manner, the author of a novel is the ultimate creator; a god-like figure if you will. We’re all familiar with authors who kill off characters left and right (George R. R. Martin) or ones who are happiest when their characters are drowning in misery (Thomas Hardy anyone?), but we recognize that authors have creative license and can do whatever they choose with their worlds. However, there’s a difference between making decisive, plot driven choices and being a douchenozzle. Which writers are douchenozzles, you may ask? You might be surprised.  Continue reading Don’t be a Manipulative Author!


So You Think You Can Run A Failing TV Show

Wow, two posts in 1 week! This odd productivity brought to you by So You Think You Can Dance and extreme frustration. Let me preface this post by saying that I love SYTYCD. I’ve been an avid viewer since way back in Season 3 and continue watching up to this day. But this post is not a love-story. It’s a hate story. Specifically, a letter of hatred to my dearest friend Mr. Executive Producer Nigel Lythgoe SIRRRR, who created one of the greatest reality shows ever shown on TV, and systematically ground it into a sticky, schticky, pulp. Saying this is the most important blog post ever written would be an understatement. Continue reading So You Think You Can Run A Failing TV Show

Review of The Harvest: A Sneak Sneaks Sneakily

The Harvest was recently released on Netflix, and if you’re anything like me, a picture of Michael Shannon inside the outline of a burning house is too intriguing to ignore. I wanted to watch Take Shelter instead, another Shannon pick in the same vein of rural crazy people, but it cost $12 on Amazon and I’m not rolling in dough here! With that said, let’s take a look into the twisted world in which Michael Shannon’s face is not the film’s creepiest…[spoilers ahead] Continue reading Review of The Harvest: A Sneak Sneaks Sneakily

Check this out, yo!

Hey guys! Are you tired of reading my snarky criticisms? Dying for a breath of creativity? Then check out my other blog, If The Writing Is Honest, my online portfolio of written works. There you can find stories about life,death,dancing, rabbits, supernatural powers, bitch faces, burnt coffee, babies, police officers, bubblegum, or anything else that suits your fancy. I’ll update my blog periodically with new work and maybe even a screenplay or two (if I ever finish it). Feel free to leave a comment and tell me what you think. Hope you enjoy!

Get excited!

Ultraviolence: The Good, Bad, and Exploitative of Media Violence

Violence in the media is always a touchy topic. Many viewers are divided on its usage and its consequences. Some activist groups like the Parents Television Council want to limit all graphic violence from media, as well as sex and profanity. Other groups support violence in moderation, while a third bracket of viewers support the freedom of expression over preventing any “harmful effects” that media violence could propagate. Personally, I fall in the third group. I’ve always had a high gore tolerance (hence my love of slasher movies), and often when watching a particularly gruesome scene, I’ve stopped and wondered “Have I become desensitized?” Continue reading Ultraviolence: The Good, Bad, and Exploitative of Media Violence

Terrible Trailers #2: The Case of Serious Superhero Syndrome

The upcoming film season is a promising one for superhero movies, especially for DC Comics, which usually plays eager second fiddle to that soul sucking movie machine we call Marvel. Harsh, I know, but “soul sucking movie machine” is the nicest way I can describe Marvel at the moment. My not-so-subtle disgust aside, DC has been earning lots of buzz lately for its Batman v. Superman and Suicide Squad films, both which could hold the elusive key to elevate DC from second-rate superhero status. Continue reading Terrible Trailers #2: The Case of Serious Superhero Syndrome

This is Exciting: Liebster Award Nomination

I started this blog as a way to share my views on pop-culture, but I forgot that a blog is a two-sided beast, and that, you know, some people might actually read it. Imagine my surprise to be nominated by Seal of Approval for the Liebster Award, which I had not previously heard of, but  is a super cool award that honors new blogs. I feel really blessed to be nominated for this award (Thanks, Seal!). I accept your challenge! Continue reading This is Exciting: Liebster Award Nomination

Suspend Your Disbelief #1: Unwind by Neal Shusterman

My school’s summer reading is chosen by the students, which means that I’m inevitably forced to read dystopian YA fiction, instead of, I don’t know, quality writing. Two years ago, the populace decided on Divergent, which I abandoned in favor of the Wikipedia article and Shailene Woodley, and last year we were supposed to read Between Shades Of Gray, which didn’t seem too bad, but I’d rather spend my valuable reading time on books of my own choosing. This summer’s read is Unwind, a (you guessed it) dystopian YA novel by Neal Shusterman. Prepare to be barraged with confusion… Continue reading Suspend Your Disbelief #1: Unwind by Neal Shusterman

Are Horror Movies Losing Their Fear Factor?

Let me preface this post by saying I adore horror movies. Scratch that, I live for them, and plan on directing many of my own someday. I watched my first in sixth grade, back when a B-Movie slasher like the remake of Prom Night could scare me, and ever since then I’ve been hooked. But I’ve noticed that as the years have passed, these movies have become less and less frightening to me. Continue reading Are Horror Movies Losing Their Fear Factor?



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