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Terrible Trailers #2: The Case of Serious Superhero Syndrome

The upcoming film season is a promising one for superhero movies, especially for DC Comics, which usually plays eager second fiddle to that soul sucking movie machine we call Marvel. Harsh, I know, but “soul sucking movie machine” is the nicest way I can describe Marvel at the moment. My not-so-subtle disgust aside, DC has been earning lots of buzz lately for its Batman v. Superman and Suicide Squad films, both which could hold the elusive key to elevate DC from second-rate superhero status. Continue reading Terrible Trailers #2: The Case of Serious Superhero Syndrome


Commercials Can Be Cool Too!

Many commercials nowadays are trying to sell not just products, but also moods in their 30 second airtime. Memorable ones that come to mind are the P&G commercials during the London Olympics; tear-jerking montages of athletically gifted children and their rise to excellence, all set to Ludivico Einaudi piano compositions.Instantly you’re nostalgic, thinking of the sacrifices that your own mother made during your childhood, inspired by these fictional olympians and their trials, and even though you don’t realize it as you watch, more willing to associate a P&G product with these emotions. Continue reading Commercials Can Be Cool Too!

Terrible Trailer #1: The Boy Next Door

I think of movie trailers as quality markers, not previews. If a movie has a creative and well-edited trailer it makes me ten times more willing to see it. For instance, American Sniper’s trailer masterfully creates suspense and revealed very little of the plot. The heartbeat sound verges on trite, but in this instance I could feel my heart quickening along with it. It was so engrossing that it made me forget my aversion of war films  and boosted it to the top of my must see list. Continue reading Terrible Trailer #1: The Boy Next Door